Affiliate Marketing Program

Did you wish to get an extra Income?

Everyone knows, there is a limit to getting paid in the job.

But, Statinfo Marketing Company providing a good opportunity for all.

The team Statinfo developed a unique marketing strategy. Hence the production of the company increased and brought a big revolution in the market.

When you sell a product through the Statinfo app, the company will pay your sales commission. And if you can sell more than three products through the app, you will be able to earn up to One Million rupees in an account.

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Earnings from each sale

We’re excited to have you join our team and help spread the word about SMC. As you know, our platform is affiliate program strategy. Sellers automate their business management with advanced tools to maximize its success.

Empower your audience

Have you tried Statinfo App? If you did, you know how many online sellers will benefit from joining our platform. Give your audience the tools they need to enhance their ecommerce business.

Watch commissions roll in real time

Our program allows you to watch your progress monitoring as your affiliate commissions roll in. Once you sign up you will get a custom link and referral code that you can share to start earning commissions with, as well as access to custom affiliate resources

Let’s talk numbers…

We’re offering you a sales commission for every customer who purchases a product with your referral code. Our paid plans vary from single tool subscription to a Pro Bundle, and its price depends on the volume of sales. This means, the bigger the seller – the more you make!

Get more traffic with a special offer

We’re happy to offer you a discount to share. Once you sign up to our affiliate program.

Withdraw your earnings

You can withdraw money at any time through PayTm / Google Tez / Bank in Rs. *If you have minimum 300 rupees balance in your App Wallet.

Fast & Free Delivery

Your product will be delivered through our trusted Indian postal service.

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Earnings from each sale